As an insurance agent, you deal with numbers and words as you draft up and sell policies all day. This area is what you are an expert in. But have you ever through about the power of an image? For your customers who do not understand insurance very well, you need to figure out a way to relate to them and explain the process of building their personalized package. Therefore, on your marketing pieces, you can utilize a picture to convey your message to your target audience. Photos are a great marketing tool for your agency. Images attract and engage readers who can better understand your products and what you have to offer. Learning to expand your content with photos will help you have an edge above the competition. To put this in perspective, Pinterest has experienced exponential growth, passing Tumblr and Flickr. Therefore, get involved and follow these guidelines on the importance of incorporating pictures into your marketing:

Your Business Goals

Decide what you want the use of photos to accomplish. This may include building your brand, attracting new customers, showing products in context, answering customer questions, and engaging fans. Remember, these photos are your own, and not ones found on the internet.

Understanding Your Audience

Figure out who your target market is in association with your business goals. Contemplate who will buy your product, engage with you on social media, and take and share photographs.

Optimize Photos

By themselves, photos aren’t visible to search. Associate relevant text with your images by using keyword-based filenames and alt tags such as California_Auto_Insurance_Jeep.jpg. Don’t use a numbered file such as IMG000123.jpg. Take time to check Google’s image suggestions.

Make Them Share-able

Encourage visitors to share your images. Consider all social media options including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and blogs. Where appropriate, invite conversation through comments.

Engage Your Entire Community

When using photographs, you should develop an alluring hook or theme related to your product or business. This will help engage your community. Also, invite your employees, customers, distributors, and others to share their photos for more audience involvement.
The main consideration for gaining attention for your products with photographs is making sure your audience can relate to them. If you put up an image that is confusing or has nothing to do with your message, readers may be left uninterested. When strengthening your marketing strategy, you must keep your community in mind. Their perspectives, values, and participation are what will bring in the results you want. Now you know that pictures can say more than a thousand words to your customers!   - original article from